QuickBooks Usernames


Most clients I’ve worked with tend to use only one username in QuickBooks and they may or may not have a password set up, but there’s a very good reason why every user should have their own username that is password protected and not shared with anyone. If you need to segregate what changes were made and everyone uses the same username, there’s no way to know who made the change.

You should first set up a password for the Admin user and then restrict access to that password to the owner of the company or the person in the office who will supervise the use of QuickBooks.  Admin can add users to the file and give each user privileges (or permissions) to access various areas of the data file.

These steps are very critical if you suspect someone is not trustworthy or you suspect fraud.  This is difficult if a small business only has one person that is in charge of all tasks.  There are audit reports to show exactly what was originally entered, when a change has been made including which user made the change on what date and time and what field was changed.  If everyone uses one username, the audit report is not very useful and there’s no way you can prove who made the change.